About Us

Fun Fact: Did you know that most standard production supercars need at least 3km of road to have any chance of breaking through the 300km/h barrier?

And did you also know that true manufacturer top end is only achieved between 3 and 4km?  Don't believe us? Watch this video of the fastest supercoup Jaguar has ever made. For full video of his run at SpeedWeek, click here. Definately worth watching. 

So the next time your mate tells you they have done 300 (and they have not been to SpeedWeek) call them out on it. Video or it did not happen :-)

So we organise top end runs on longer-than-average airport runways and in the desert to make this possible. This is not like drag racing. The aim of this game is to reach the highest possible speed in a measured distance, by yourself. One vehicle at a time. Just you, your machine and the open strip in front of you. Our rules are simple : go as fast as you can but no spinning. It is not timed over distance. It is top speed at a specific point. No need to leave your mark on the surface.

We have been doing this since 2012. Our shortest runs are 1.6km and the longest 4km, depending on the location. People will always buy fast cars and public roads are not the place to test them. It is reckless and selfish. That is why we go to extraordinary effort to gain access to commercial airports and Hakskeenpan. At our events you will truly experiece your ride in a way you never thought possible. We even allow for a long run off area so you don't have to mash the breaks at the end of the run.

For bragging rights, we give each driver a speed certificate endorsed by Truvelo. This is the place to settle all arguments.


Our Mission

To host exotic events in exotic locations by providing the best possible environment for you to experience your vehicles in. If there is a piece of road long enough, we will find it and host a SpeedWeek on it.  Learning from past experiences is key in provding better events in the future, and we have learnt much over the last few years. Our goal is a minimum of 5 events per year in 5 different locations. You will be able to choose which to attend , or get a season pass and attend them all.

Our Team

  • Katlego Mothao
    Club Secretary

    Katlego is no stranger to the motor industry. She has several years experience as a Branch Manager for Avis  and understands what it takes to put these events together. Many of you met her at the last Mafikeng SpeedWeek where she managed the registrations and back office functions like a pro.

  • Peter Westcott
    Co Founder and Big Cheese

    No need for intros there.

  • Tumelo Mapotzi
    Social Media and Marshall

    Tumelo is a walking car directory. His knowledge of all things automotive is astounding.  He brings a certain level of flair and passion to SpeedWeek that keeps the wheels turning. We look forward to the day somebody can best him on car trivia.


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