Kalahari Desert Speedweek 2016

We have started planning the 2016 event and the year has kicked off with some fantastic news; the pan has flooded! This is great news as we have not received this much rain for the past 2 years (25cm deep on the surface!) The pan needs this much rain, especially this time of year, in order to rejuvenate the surface and give us the smooth salt-flat we need to do our high speed runs.

The event will be in September as always and we are in talks with several sponsors (some old, some new) and we will publish the exact dates as soon as the Bloodhound dates for 2016 are confirmed, in order for our event to coincide with the Land Speed Record attempt.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you are intrested in a sponsorship slot please contact us on 076 387 2314.